Poshmark Tips For More Sales [Updated 2021]

Selling on Poshmark can become a profitable passive business. If you are doing it right and taken seriously, it can produce full time incomes to support you and your family.

Did you know that top sellers are making six-figure incomes every single month?

If you’re looking to boost your Poshmark closet, make more sales and earn more money, you should read the tips in this post and implement them on your closet.

Make Listings That Sales

This is the most important thing you should do. If your listing (and that includes the images, titles and description) isn’t attractive to your audience it will reduce your sales and impressions.

So the first thing we want is to make your listing look awesome, so potential buyers will visit your listing.

Image lighting

Every beginner photographer knows that the most important thing about taking amazing pictures is lighting. Your buyers are looking for good finds and you should accurately show a good picture of your items. Try to take pictures with a natural light, set up your product-shooting session to the side of a window (the light should not be in front or behind the camera).

Image consistency

Your closet is your own brand, and what brands usually do is keeping consistent style and look and feel.

By keeping consistent with your image style, you’re allowing the buyers to get familiar with your brand and feeling home when visiting your closet over and over again.

Optimize your listing titles to sells

A good looking listing is important, but more important than that is to make potential buyers to learn more about your items.
People want to know what exactly they’ll see when they are visiting your lising. Make sure you mention the brand and the name of the item clearly in the title, it will also help Poshmark search algorithms to show your item when people are searching by a brand or a name.

A good example for a title may be: “True & Co Blue Hipster Underwear”

  1. Use keywords that people are likely to search by
  2. Leverage popular trends
PRO TIP: If you want to save some space you can use emojis! The popular usage is when you want to mark item as “New” 🆕 or “Hot” 🔥

Write Useful Descriptions

After getting a potential buyer to an item, we want to convert him into a customer. The item description should be clearly understood, and include all of the important details the buyer might need in order to decide to become a customer.

Here’s some things to state in your description:

  • Brand name, including the style and the product name and variation
  • Size and measurements
  • List any damages and imperfections
You want to convince the potential customer to buy and help them envision themself wearing this item. If you are selling a pair of shoes, you write something like “Great for long hiking or shopping”

Use Templates

Using templates will help you to list faster, but it also will help you keep your listing consistent and prevent you from missing anything.

Here’s some tips your can implement:

  1. Use the same filter for all images.
  2. Use the same lighting setup for your photos.
  3. Use the same template for item title and descriptions
  4. Always price your items with by same markup percentage
A good title template is: [BRAND NAME] | [ITEM NAME] [COLOR/VARIANT]

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