How to install ClosetParty on iPhone iPad or iPod

We do support iOS, but starting from your Desktop (macOS or Windows) is much easier.

What is my iOS version?

You can find out what is the current iOS version you are running by opening Settings > General > About > Software Version on your iOS device. Alternativly, if you are viewing this page using your iOS device we will display the version under this sentence.

Installing on iOS 13 or above

Step 1: Run a shortcut

If you already used the "Shortcuts" app on your iOS device you can skip this step.
If not, you will need to install the following shortcut before you can proceed.
On your iOS device click the button below, the "Shortcuts" app will open, than click on the blue button "Add Shortcut".

Step 2: Enable Shortcuts on your iOS device

  • Open Settings
  • Swipe down and tap Shortcuts
  • Tap the toggle next to Allow Untrusted Shortcuts
  • Confirm by tapping Allow again and enter your password

Step 3: Install ClosetParty Shortcut

  • Click on the installation button below this instructions
  • The "Add Shortcut" screen should pop open, swipe down and click on the red button "Add Untrusted Shortcut".

Step 4: Activate ClosetParty on Safari

You will need to repeat this step every time you load a new page.
  • Open Safari and login to your PushMark account.
  • Click on the share icon in the bottom part of the screen swipe down and click on ClosetParty
  • You should now seein the bottom left side on your screen.

Installing on iOS 12 and below

  • Install Google Chrome on your iOS device
  • Open Google Chrome on your iOS device and go to this page.
  • Tap and hold on the button below 👇
  • Select "Copy Link URL"
  • Click the Chrome menu in the bottom right corner.
  • Scroll to "Bookmark" and tab it
  • Click 'edit' in the banner that pops up
  • Change the name to 'ClosetParty'
  • Paste the URL that was copied above into the URL field and Tap 'Done'
  • Head over to on your iOS device using Google Chrome and Log into your Poshmark account.
  • Tap the URL bar at the top of Google Chrome and Start typing "ClosetParty"
  • Tap the option that pops up and starts with javascript, and ClosetParty should launch in the bottom left side of the screen with the following icon