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ClosetParty Pro

  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Share To Followers + Party
  • Auto-Follow
  • Auto Sharing + Following
  • Auto Pause On CAPTCHA
  • Alarm Sound on CAPTCHA
  • Randomized Share Times
  • Share Limits
  • Frequent Updates

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20% off when paying annually!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try it for free?
YES! The free trial is for 7 days.
Do you need my Poshmark's email or password?
NO. We will never ask for your email or password. That is confidential information and you should NEVER give anyone that information. A lot of websites offering Poshmark followers, likes, or Poshmark bot will ask you for your credentials, and then change your password and use your account to their benefit. Please be careful.
Can I use It On My Phone?
Yes, we currently support iOS and Android
Can the bot run 24/7?
YES. You can run our Poshmark automation non-stop without any problems. The bot is integrated with a time-lapse monitor (delay function) which means that it will not "overdo" any actions such as liking or following too much. The bot will take breaks from time to time so that your account will not raise any red flags.
How Do I Cancel My Subscription?
Log in to your ClosetParty account and go to the settings page by clicking on the "Account" menu item. You should now see all your active subscription, each one has a cancel button next to it, just click it to cancel your subscription.
Is my account safe from getting banned?
YES. but you should be careful, we recommend staying with the default speed settings and limits. We have found that over 5,000 shares a day can lead to account limitations.
Can I run more than one account?
YES. Our Poshmark bot can run more than one account easily by using a new private window, make sure to check "Allow in incognito" in the extension settings.